About Leith TKD

Leith TaeKwonDo is a club where the emphasis is on creating a fun and friendly environment where like minded people in Edinburgh can meet to learn and practice martial arts and in particular ITF TaeKwonDo. Leith TaeKwonDo was established in 1991 by Mr John McKissock (5th Degree) and is well established in the Edinburgh Martial Arts community.

In 2003, when Mr McKissock moved to Spain, where he is now the Technical Director for the Spanish ITF, Miss Lockhart (5th Degree) is currently the primary instructor. The Club is affiliated to the United Kingdom TaeKwonDo Federation (UKTF) with whom Miss Lockhart is accredited as an Instructor. We regularly attend national competitions with many of our members being current UKTF medallists. The style of TaeKwonDo taught at Leith is ITF, as taught by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi 9th Degree.

If you have any questions regarding our classes or anything to do with TaeKwonDo, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Instructors

Miss Pauline Lockhart - 5th Degree

  • ITF International Instructor

Dr Jason Carroll - 3rd Degree

  • ITF Assistant Instructor

Mr Chris Hunter - 3rd Degree

  • ITF Assistant Instructor

Mr Philip Ho - 3rd Degree

  • ITF Assistant Instructor